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The Peoples Great Reset!!!

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The Evolution Co-op is basically a self-owned corporation,

In saying that it has no person or group at the top of the pyramid

receiving any financial benefit or profit from its activities.

No-one will get “rich” in the commonly understood way.

It treats everyone exactly the same and is there for the benefit of all.

It is managed by a group of democratically elected directors that work

under the strict guidelines set out in the Evolution Guiding Principles.

It has been designed and created to build an abundance economy,

society based on community ideals, ecological principles and human rights.

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Stage 1.

- Market, Market, Market!, We need to get the ball rolling

Stage 2.

- Purchase profitable infrastructure and renewable resource businesses, and use the financial snowball to grow

Stage 3.

- Use the profit and resource available from the now corporation size co-op to buy land, build and kickstart an abundance economy.

The Evolution Guiding Principles

- To treat all as equals with no prejudice and to follow the declaration of human rights.

- To provide the highest-level quality of life for its members in health, education, living environment, lifestyle and all aspects of the human existence.

- To provide all the needs and services to its members to maintain a first class technologically advancing society.

- To promote diversity in people, culture and thought in order to encourage and ensure the maximum cultural and spiritual growth of the society.

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